Rebel-Gaming realm info

REALMLIST SETTINGS:(The realmlist is in the the data\enus\ folder in your game directory.)

set realmlist

Use a 3.3.5a client to login to the FROSTMOURNE WOTLK realm.
Use a 4.3.4 client to login to the RAINFALL Cataclysm realm.

OPTIONAL PATCH FOR 3.3.5a CUSTOM CONTENT*: (Right-Click/save this in your game client's Data\enUS directory) … enUS-9.MPQ

Game Account creation:  Click the "Create a Game Account" banner to the right.
Forum Account creation: Click the "Rebel Gaming Forums" link on the left and register


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Core Updates - FINALLY

Well it has been a long time and a tough row to hoe, but we finally have some core updates while retaining most all of our functionality.  For sure the necessary functionality has been retained (world chat in LFG, Transmog, Ahbot, and some Developer tools for Tawny).

I hope you guys enjoy all the fixes.  Future updates shouldn't be so onerous (complicated and frustrating).

Thanks for your patience and please vote as often as you can.

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WoWGasm is fully dead now - Long Live Rebel-Gaming!

Thank you Porthorian for allowing the Rebel-Gaming community to continue the WoWGasm legacy.  What remains today --Frostmourne-- is still alive because of the commitment of its players and GM staff.  Any account or character that was not used since the conversion to Rebel-Gaming has now been deleted.   We are strictly Rebel Gaming now.

A new Cataclysm realm, RAINFALL, is now in development and there may also be a FUNPLAY realm in the works soon.


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